August 23, 2010

Book Crazed

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If you've been on any book blogs you know what's being released tomorrow, Baby, We were Meant For Each Other. Nah, I'm just kidding. Mockingjay. The third and final book in the Hunger Games series. And it's getting scary out there.

Just this past year, I read both The Hunger Games and Catching Fire. I enjoyed them both, don't get me wrong, but I wasn't foaming at the mouth for the third. I have this thing about reading hyped up books. I tend to avoid them for awhile. I just read the other 2 books this year, after seeing countless posts yelling, "READ IT!!" and ignoring them. I don't know why that is. Maybe I'm afraid of disappointment. Or I'm just cheap.

Anyway while the crowds were pre-ordering Mockingjay, I was standing back like the high school kid in the leather jacket with the 3 pack a day habit. "Yeah, I'll get to it...drag, whoosh...when I get to it." But now I'm wondering about my too cool for school attitude.

I hang out on Twitter and the mood is tense bordering on panic. People are posting "Amazon sent me an order shipped email!" Those smug over-achievers. Or the "Psst! I saw it at the bookstore already and bought one!" followed by the cries of "Embargo!!!!" Then the whispers "My cousin's friend's uncle read it 2 weeks ago." (Just speculating, but I wonder if Scholastic is releasing copies here and there to build that tension. If so, bravo, ladies and gentlemen, bravo!) People are freaking out about spoilers already and when they get the book, a total Twitter ban.


It's been creeping upon me. The whispers. "Maybe you should read it now." Why? Because now I'm afraid of spoilers. Not that people will mean to but if I find Amy crying giant tears on Twitter, I'll know that Peeta died and then I might as well dig a hole for myself. Maybe I should bite the bullet and pay full price (gasp!) for the book before I end up with a vendetta for half the internet.

So tomorrow is the big day. Will I have been taken over by this virus? Will I find myself dragging my carcass to the bookstore tomorrow morning, pounding on the soon to be opened door groaning "Mock-ing-jay!!!!"

(You Hunger Games die-hards, you know I love you right?)


  1. I'm not into this hype at all, but then this series is not my cup of tea.
    If I were into it though, I feel that I'd almost have to buy it right away for the reason you suggest -- avoiding spoilers.

  2. everybody's panicking out! most blogs are discussing bout Mockingjay!! as for me...just started The Hunger Game this evening. haha!!!

  3. I finished Hunger Games Saturday, finished Catching Fire yesterday...I'm hooked! I'm not normally into this type of YA, dustopian-esque novels, but I'm really snagged into it! And, yes, I have set aside a copy at the Barnes & Noble locally and since my husband has the day off tomorrow, he's graciously offered (okay, I'm making him go) to pick up my copy first thing! :)

  4. I mean, dystopian-esque (spelling correction)...

  5. Yeah, meh. I couldn't get into Catching Fire, but I'm sure I'll read it soon enough and jump on Mockingjay when the price comes down a bit. Now, let's wear leather jackets together and smoke a 4th pack.

  6. I just read the first two books this summer and I am excited about Mockingjay. I'm getting my copy from the library and am number 100 on the list . . . so it maybe be awhile yet until I'm actually able to read it!

  7. Well, now I'm very curious about whether you'll get the book tomorrow or wait it out!

  8. Suzanne- It's going to be very hard to avoid them.

    cj- I have to admit, it's a good series.

    Coffee- Haha! Well, at least you won't have to wait long.

    Andi- Meet you out behind the school at lunch. ;)

    Laura- Yikes! That's a long wait.

    Myckyee- I don't know... I just watched Suzanne Collins read from the first chapter. It's very tempting.

  9. I had a meltdown on Twitter last night about all the Mockingjay tweets. It's so overwhelming it's making me not want to read the series--that being said, I know I will, but I will wait until the hype dies down. It's just too much. It's like Harry Potter. Dang if people are still buzzing about those books and they've been over and done with for awhile. It makes me not want to reread the series (which I admit I WILL eventually do). There are just so many books out there that are truly fantastic that I can't believe one series is sending people into this big of a frenzy. I feel like that's all I've heard about in the last month or two. Should I be annoyed? Probably not. It's viral marketing at its best and it's free for the publisher so props to them and Suzanne Collins for putting out such an amazing series. Still, I'll probably wait until people are on the 10th re-read before I pick up the books because the buzz is killing me.

  10. Carin- I feel sorry for authors releasing a book on the same day. It's hard to share the spotlight with such a overhyped book.

  11. Tee hee. I have to admit, I'm getting my copy at midnight... but mostly for the fun of going with LavenderLines and my sister is working. Plus I really want to read it before spoilers! BUT then I may give away my copy on the blog, so if you can hold off... ;)

  12. You KILLED me with this post!! It was fantastic! I preordered this one a long time ago just so that I could avoid spoilers. I'll probably read it as soon as it comes in just for that reason. But honestly, there's really just not that much excitement for me about these books. :/ I liked the first two books too, but I think the hype of it all has just killed it for me. I get burned out on things when it's overdone. But yeah....I'll be reading it!

  13. I haven't read The Hunger Games yet, but I plan to buy Mockingjay tomorrow because my husband can't wait to read it. Of course, when I'm in the store buying that for him, I'll buy myself a little present too.

  14. Dude, I was totally into the Hunger Games trilogy last year. Until someone introduced me to Battle Royale and pointed out what a rip-off it is. I wouldn't mind that if Collins would cotton to the fact, but she won't. So.
    Now I'm embittered and would rather let Takami and Taguchi get my hard-earned money than Collins. I don't even care about spoilers I'm so irritated by it all.

  15. I enjoy The Hunger Games series a lot, but I am not in a panic over it. In fact, I just now read Catching Fire. I will be at B&N tomorrow night, so if I see it, I will probably buy it.

  16. My writing is far from the two books mentioned here, but I have to say that the two big-eyed cartoons running around in panic are the funniest thing I've seen all day!

  17. Amy- Oh you're one of those people! lol! Actually it sounds like fun.

    Chris- Yeah, I liked them too but I'm not a total die-hard.

    Kathy- That's the way to do it!

    Amanda- I heard that. I haven't read it though.

    Stephanie- Well, if you just happen to be there...;)

    Shelley- Cute aren't they? I knew I had to use them when I found them.

  18. I downloaded it to my nook yesterday (and it was on sale!) just so I wouldn't be scared of reading my Reader or Twitter. Then I proceeded to reveal all the major spoilers in today's post. So yeah, I read it so I wouldn't have to avoid people like me.

  19. I totally buy into the hype!

  20. I feel like we are on the same page! I was going to wait for it to come around at the library, and I'm not even on the waiting list yet...I know I know...but then someone said they read in as an eBook and...arg.

    So don't leave us hanging. Have you read it yet?????

  21. Amanda- lol! No. I did put it on hold at the library. They have 3 on order and I'm #4 in the queue. Hopefully soon. ;)


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