May 25, 2010

Armchair BEA: I See Dead People

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The biggest difference between real BEA (Book Expo America) and Armchair BEA is that Armchair BEA is pretend. And if you are going to pretend, you might as well go all out.

One of the suggested topics for today was "dream panel." Who would I like to see on a fantasy panel of authors and publishers? Since a lot of my reading involves people who have been dead a long time and this is all pretend, let's imagine a panel of Jane Austen, Mary Ann Evans (George Eliot) and Charlotte Bronte (though I doubt Charlotte would be comfortable being stared at by so many people).

The topic for their panel would be: "An Improper Career: Women Writing the the 19th Century."
The highlights of the panels would be:
  • Choosing a proper male alias.
  • Getting published: Which is more effective: letters or male relatives' help?
  • Found out! When people discover you aren't a boy.
  • Marriage. Yay or Nay?
  • Fan fiction: Good publicity or 21st century rip-offs?
And just for fun let's throw in a 19th century male publisher and have him explain himself to the ladies.

I'd pay good money to see that!

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  1. I would pay good money for this too!

    I think Wilkie Collins would be an interesting panel member for this panel. He'd be quite the character.

    Now, that would be a BEA worth going to!!

  2. Ah I'd pay money to see this panel too! Wonderful choices! I hope to post a dream panel idea on Thursday... if I can get my act together.

  3. Great panel! And the perfect title for your post!

  4. The only person I might add to your panel would Louisa May Alcott. Great post and wouldn't it be fun? I might even spring for tickets to New York for that one! :-)

  5. I'd pay good money to see that as well!

    I love you approach to this question. Very original! I can't help but wonder which 19th century male author you'd pick?

  6. I love your panel, and the talking points are fantastic! This would be a can't-miss for me.

  7. That's hilarious! I would love that panel as well. I wish some of my favorite authors were at BEA but... well... they aren't very local (Dubravka Ugresic, Assia Djebar, for example!).

  8. That would be such an awesome panel! I'd pay big money to see that.

  9. **giggles*** This would be too funny. I think Charlotte Bronte would resent being on a panel with Austen as she didn't like her very much.

  10. Awesome post! Cute title too.

    I also like the idea of adding Wilkie to the panel - I think he would definitely side with the ladies.

    Another highlight - those pesky serials or just a good old fashioned book?

  11. I love it! Yep, I'd pay to see that panel, too.

  12. Love your panel!! That would be one discussion that I would pay even in gold to visit! Imagine if your panel members could really pay BEA a visit and hold this discussion, Twitter would go crazy, LOL!

  13. Rebecca & Iris- Wilkie is a great one. I think I'd add him to Dickens and Dumas. They could discuss serial publishing.

    Suey- Looking forward to it.

    Kay- She'd do great on that panel!

    Amy- Too bad all your favorite aren't there.

    Brooke- George would have to sit between them, of course. I think things would get heated!

    Biblio- Oh yeah, Collins was a ladies-man. He'd have them in the palm of his hand.

    Aths- Wouldn't it though? I think they'd be waiting for Jane & Charlotte to have a throw down.

  14. That sounds like a kicking panel! I expect there might be some stylistic tension between Austen and Bronte as well.

  15. What an awesome panel! Did you get one of those excellent Bronte action figure dolls by chance? I would love to see those modest young ladies throwing their books at a male publisher :)

  16. Now that's a panel I'd love to see! Happy Armchair BEA!

  17. How fun! It would be fun to imagine all the Q and A from the audience afterwards as well!

  18. *awed gaze* It's like you read my diary...

  19. It certainly would be an interesting discussion between panelists, and can you imagine some of the reactions from and towards the crowd!

    Fun post!

  20. This is one of my favorite posts so far!! You totally cracked me up!! This would definitely be an interesting panel, particularly if they all were floating and see-through!! :)

  21. That's excellent - I wonder what the ladies would come up with for 'what to do when people find out you're not a boy'. Also very useful for women running away to see.

  22. That would be so great! I wonder if they would like each other?


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