February 7, 2010

Blog Luv Fest: Week 1

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Just a week until Valentines' Day. Have your kiddies picked out their cards for their classmates yet? If not maybe they'd like these free vintage Valentine cards.

This past week I showed you how to make crayon hearts, gave you a Valentine reading list, and discussed Austenland with Kelly.

Lets' see what some other people came up with this week.

Emma posted a recipe for these yummy looking cupcakes. Just looking at them makes me hungry. She also posted a review for Sea Change.

Julie intends to read Pride and Prejudice. Good luck to her. I hope she falls in love with Mr Darcy.

April discusses her admiration for the great 80's classic Say Anything. I loved that movie.

I hope you've nominated your favorite Literary Couple over at Michelle's blog. She's been discussing her favorite couples all week and let me tell you she has great taste.

Can't wait to see what you come up with next week. I got a few things planned as well. Hope you come back to check them out.


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  3. Thanks for the vintage cards link, Chris. I'm totally going to print some of those out! The sock one is too funny/cute. :)

  4. youve got a great blog!
    i'm off to check out the literary couples link :)

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  6. I'm SO hungry and craving chocolate, so this was the wrong time to look at those awesome cupcakes.

    This book sounds like fun, too.

  7. Reading- They are cute aren't they? They remind me of the ones I'd get in school.

    Naida- Thanks!

    Andi- They look so yummy!

  8. Oh I love that link to the vintage cards - thanks for sharing.

    And the linkage!


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