April 18, 2009

Hour #8: Read-a-thon With Pictures!

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So I went out for a walk just around the yard. The air is quite chilly, there is a bank of fog just offshore. I could see the gray in the distance. It was just the right temperature to wake me up.

Here's a collage of what I saw. Back to reading!


  1. Are those pussy willows, already? My crocuses have all died away now, and my Daffodils are shining brightly. My tulips are promising to bloom, while the iris blades are greening up :-)

    I love-love-LOVE spring!

  2. What great pictures! I think I missed this mini-challenge while I was out for a run. Ironic. :)

    Looks lovely and springy where you are. Happy reading, Chris!

  3. I love your collage - so creative almost 8 hours into the Read-A-Thon! I'm impressed!!! Keep on reading, Chris :)

  4. Very cute pictures! You make me want to go for a walk myself. Maybe after my next 3 hr reading leg.

  5. At least the sun is shinning here, but, yes, another chilly day! Good for you, maybe, but I want summer!

  6. What beautiful pictures, they look better than most you see in nature magazines - you have a wonderful talent!
    Hope you're enjoying the Read-A-Thon so far :)

  7. Your pictures are beautiful! I love the yellow flowers.

    Have fun reading!

  8. i love your pictures and your descriptions. where you live must be quite beautiful...


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