June 28, 2008

Read-a-thon: First Check In

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I'm terrible at figuring out the time differences so I decided to start while I had the chance. The kid went to the playground and hubby is puttering in the garage. I started close to 12 pm my time. So, I've read just over an hour.

I've been reading Summer by Edith Wharton. I'm on page 63. I love her way of writing. I'm involved in it now. Charity is a girl 'down from the Mountain' who was taken in by a lawyer. She's just learning about her roots now and is falling in love with a boy from the city. Knowing Wharton, there won't be a happy ending.

Thanks for all the comments so far!!


  1. Good luck, Chris :) Enjoy your reading!

  2. Ha ha, I haven't read that book, but I agree that it's unlikely there'll be a happy ending.

  3. I love Eidth Wharton too! It seems liek everyone reading Summer has really enjoyed it, so I'm thinking about adding it to my Classics Challenge list. :)

  4. Hmm...I haven't read any Edith Wharton. I'm interested to see what you think of the book. :-)

  5. Time differences are hell! After a lot (and I do mean a lot =P) of counting back and forth, I finally got the start time to 6 pm my time. It would've been a little less complicated if it weren't for daylight savings.

  6. Good luck with the Read-a-Thon! As a mom of twins, one whole day to read sounds like the biggest luxury. :-)

  7. I have really been struggling with the time zone changes too!! Glad I am not the only one!!


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