June 26, 2008

BTT: My Definition

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Booking Through Thursday

What, in your opinion, is the definition of a “reader.” A person who indiscriminately reads everything in sight? A person who reads BOOKS? A person who reads, period, no matter what it is? … Or, more specific? Like the specific person who’s reading something you wrote?

Booking Through Thursday is becoming quite philosophical. I define myself as a Reader (capital R) because I can't stop reading. Even cereal boxes interest me. If it passes in front of my face, I'm going to read it. A Reader enjoys reading. A Reader will read as entertainment. Reading is a hobby, an obsession, a compulsion.

Not everyone is a Reader. I know quite a few who are not. It's really too bad because I'd love to share my passion with them. Oh well...

At the moment, I'm encouraging my budding Reader, my little girl. She's just discovered chapter books, specifically Junie B. Jones. That kid cracks me up.

As for the last question, I think of anyone who visits my blog as My Readers. That anyone reads my blog is a great compliment and I appreciate you all.


  1. I enjoy reading your blog. I didn't think to mention reading blogs in my post, but of course a real reader reads book blogs - like yours.

  2. At the moment, I'm encouraging my budding Reader, my little girl. She's just discovered chapter books, specifically Junie B. Jones. That kid cracks me up.

    Hooray for Junie B.! My daughter and I discovered them last August or so and have, Alas! read ALL of them. We have struggled to find a series to fill her spot. Lucy Rose book are good, but Lois Lowry's Gooney Bird Greene are as near as you can find when you run out of Junie B books. :-D

  3. You're another blogger who mentioned cereal box reading! I did too.

  4. We have practically the same answer! :)

  5. Love Junie B! Was sorry when my daughter outgrew her.

    Love reading your blog!

  6. I suppose there are degrees of being a reader. My older son (not quite seventeen) is, I'm happy to say, turning into a Serious Reader. He just arrived in England for a summer visit with his friends there. He brought along A Farewell to Arms, Crime and Punishment, and Things Fall Apart. I don't expect he'll read much while he's there, but he's heading down the right road!

  7. Thanks for giving me an excuse to call reading blogs "reading". I just started blogging about reading a few months ago, and sometimes I think I spend too much time reading blogs instead of reading my books like I used to. But it all counts, right?

  8. Hey! I read cereal boxes too! ;P

  9. Anyone who enjoys reading can be called a reader.

    Like Rebecca, I too have been spending a bit too much time reading blogs than books. But as long as I enjoy reading the blogs, that still makes me a reader, right? :)

  10. Then I'm a Reader that fits both your definitions!

  11. How nice to be one of Your Readers! Your definition works well for me. I feel sorry for people who aren't readers (or knitters.) What do the poor things do?

    (Cereal boxes are a given, but my brother kept me quiet in a Big Box Liquor Store (he lives in a dry county) by handing me bottles of beer with stories on them. Beer!


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