May 1, 2008

BTT: Mayday! Mayday!

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Booking Through Thursday

Quick! It’s an emergency! You just got an urgent call about a family emergency and had to rush to the airport with barely time to grab your wallet and your passport. But now, you’re stuck at the airport with nothing to read. What do you do??

And, no, you did NOT have time to grab your bookbag, or the book next to your bed. You were . . . grocery shopping when you got the call and have nothing with you but your wallet and your passport (which you fortuitously brought with you in case they asked for ID in the ethnic food aisle). This is hypothetical, remember….

Don’t forget to leave a link to your actual response (so people don’t have to go searching for it) in the comments—or if you prefer, leave your answers in the comments themselves!

Huh? What? I don't understand the question. Nothing to read? Horrors!

Okay, okay. I have found myself without a book before and it stinks. I'm someone who has to be doing something with every free second. This drives me nuts. If we're talking about my local airport, then there probably isn't a book for sale in site. There might be a newspaper though, so I guess I'd buy that. Or maybe clean out my purse (it's scary in there). Or watch the airplanes land. Of course, if it's a family emergency, I can't imagine being able to concentrate on anything anyway!


  1. I can never read in airports anyway, so I would just sit there nervously and occasionally pace around.

  2. I think in such a situation, I would try to learn to fly a plane!


    Here is my BTT post!

  3. An actual airport without a bookstore! That would make things difficult. You'll just have to make a stopover to an airport that has one, I think. If your flight to your family would be long, that is.

  4. Yeah I agree with you on the newspapers. There's always something to read. Bathroom stall grafitti might be interesting.

  5. People-watching is always a good time-killer at airports.

  6. I was forced to buy a really trashy womans magazine the other day as I finished by book before I got halfway home *shudder*

  7. Hi Chris, I've added you to my list of blogs for the weekly geeks. btw love the cat photos.

  8. HA! You're the second person who has said you would clean out your purse. That could probably kill 15 minutes at least, yeah?

  9. Oh, the inside of my purse would be a cause for an emergency in itself. I like magazines for airplane reading.


  10. Good point about being too nervous to read. I think you're right and I'd be in the same boat.

    But I decided to have some fun with the prompt, anyway. C'mon over and see what I did!

  11. If it were my family, I'd be driving there. Happy BTT.

  12. I'd better have my knitting with me in that case.

    Your local airport doesn't sell any books????? The horror!


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