January 30, 2008

Paperwhites: Wordless

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  1. Oooh, I can smell them. *SNIFF* Can you? *grin*

    Write From Karen

  2. Beautiful shot - simple and gorgeous. Happy WW and thanks for your visit!

  3. Hi Chris I love paperwhites.gorgeous photo.thanks for sharing!Happy WW.

    Thanks for visiting and for your sweet comments for my daughter

  4. I love to look at Paperwhites, but the smell isn't that pleasant. :)

  5. Do yours smell ok? I had planted some in a pot, and they came up about a week ago. My husband kept saying he smelled melted plastic, and my son kept saying he smelled cat pee. I sent them to sniff the paperwhites, and they both said that was what they were smelling! Maybe their noses don't work right.

    But pretty photo! :)

  6. such pretty paperwhites....nice, nice

  7. Dewey- Yeah, they do have a funky odour.

  8. I love the flower against the dark backrground. It really makes the white petals stand out. Nicely done.

    I invite you to see my WW post for this week.

  9. That is a photo in need of professional framing!! I have a good space for it.


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