November 4, 2007


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Noel is here. He arrived late last night and woke me up several times. The radio is reporting a few blown off roofs and trees down in the streets. He's trying hard to rip the gutters off the house and my poor little tree is having a hard time. The wind is making me cranky.

There are sections of the province without power but so far we've been lucky. I wouldn't be surprised if we lost ours.

By this afternoon, the winds are supposed to die down. Cross your fingers.


  1. We had Noel yesterday here in Connecticut. Windy, yes, terrible sideways rain, but today is bright and sunny and just some downed branches to remind us. It will be over soon!

  2. Hang in there. This too shall pass.

  3. I hope you are surviving the storm!! Hopefully, you have a good book and you are reading!

  4. I hope that Noel passes you by without doing too much damage. Stay safe!

  5. Things are very calm now, we even got out to church this morning. Our power was fine, just flicked a few times.

  6. Fingers crossed for you! Scary.

  7. I hope the storm treated you kindly, and you kept your power (and everything else that is important to you).

  8. Checking in to see how National Blog Posting Month is going! :)

    Stay safe!


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