October 7, 2007

My Heart's In the Highlands

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My family went leafing this weekend. Leafing is basically driving around looking at the fall colours. It was a great day Saturday even though it was very windy. I always forget how harrowing the drive up Smokey is, especially for a passenger. One mistake and you'll very quickly meet the ocean. I held my breath the whole way up.

On Top of Cape Smokey. The look-off from Cape Smokey gives a spectacular view.

Did you ever feel really, really small? That's a whole lot of ocean!

The rocks below. The wind is so strong it's pushing the waves back out to sea.

The Keltic Lodge from Ingonish Beach. I'd need to be a lot richer to stay there.

The kid on Ingonish Beach.

There was quite a bit of traffic, a lot of tourists, in the Highlands. The Thanksgiving weekend is a great time to "do the trail" (the Cabot Trail) and look at the changing leaves. I saw plates from all Maritime provinces, Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and states like Florida, Ohio and Maine. We passed a lot of tour buses and RVs. We only did a part of the trail ourselves. I suspect a lot of the tourists are also here for the Celtic Colours Festival.


  1. I haven't gone Leafing this year, but I will soon now that's actually getting cold where I am. I'm beside the Shield so it should be real pretty soon. Heh. Have a great Thanksgiving Chris!

  2. Lucky you! There's nothing like that in my part of the world. The "kid" is really growing up;-)

  3. Your photos are beautiful and the views are breath taking - what a wonderful place to live.

    Thanks for visiting my site.

  4. Wow. Breathtaking scenery. Definitely need to get to your neck of the woods one of these days :)

  5. Chris,

    How beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Yeah, I work at a hotel and many of the guests stopped in Cape Breton before heading down here. I still haven't developed my film from when I was in Cape Breton over the summer! oops. I think it would be wonderful to do it in the fall, but I normally only make it up there during the summer. Like the next planned trip I have up there, it is for my aunts wedding in July.

  7. You can really tell how hard the wind was blowing from that picture with the waves. Cool. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  8. Thanks all! We had a great weekend.

  9. Ooooh, pretty! And, it's so wild to see a photo of someone in a jacket! It's been hot, hot, hot in Mississippi. I know why Floridians are heading north. :)

  10. Your photos are beautiful! I would love to close my eyes and be there as well! How wonderful!


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