October 9, 2007

The Canadian Book Challenge

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Whew! I'm recovering from all that turkey yesterday. I hope my fellow Canadians had a great Thanksgiving weekend. For me, it's one of my favorite holidays, since it doesn't involve crazy shoppers at the mall.

Anyway, I had a look at my bookshelves for The Canadian Book Challenge hosted by John at The Book Mine Set:

Ok, there's only 10 but A Fine Balance has to count for 4. It's huge! And what scientific method did I use to chose these books? The What-Ever-I-Saw-Was-On-My-Shelf Method. 5 are from Ontario, 2 are Atwood's and 2 are about India in some way.

This should be fun!

Oh, and here's a little geography lesson from Bob & Doug MacKenzie (I'm glad they remembered the Maritimes). I figure it's appropriate for the challenge. (hehe)


  1. Oh, I wish I had the time to do this challenge just because the button totally cracks me up, eh? I don't know the rules but my 'in person' book club is actually reading two books by Canadians that were recommended by our Canadian member.

  2. Deb, what books are they? And I added a video since you posted ;)

  3. Oh, good choices! I have A Fine Balance on my TBR pile too. I never seem to get to it! Larry's Party is not my favourite Shields. I think she does a good job writing from the male perspective, but otherwise the book didn't work for me. I like other books by her, though. :) And, I am one of those Canadians that does not like Atwood. hehe.

    Oh, The Assassin's Song just got short-listed for this years Giller. I have it to read too, hopefully sooner rather than later!

  4. Oh, I love all the Anne books! I've got them all from when I was a kid, and my daughter has started reading them. It's so wonderful to see her loving them as much as I did. Of course now we'll have to plan a trip up to PEI!

  5. The Colony of Unrequited Dreams is one of my favourite books. I hope you enjoy it. Happy to have you in the challenge!

  6. Oh that was awesome! Loved the MacKenzie Brothers and I had their Christmas album, in vinyl.

    A Fine Balance is a great book. I really liked it. I liked it more after I had finished and thought about it.

  7. I'm trying to figure out my list for this challenge too. I agree that Mistry's book should count for more than one - I have that on my shelf too so perhaps I'll top up my list with it.

  8. A Fine Balance is long, but it is sooooo good! I read it several years ago (probably back in '97) and it was fantastic. The pages just fly.

  9. We're reading Random Passage by Bernice Morgan and Crow Lake by Mary Lawson. Since I saw that we have time I might be able to complete this challenge with some help from the library back home. Or maybe there are some short quebecois books here as well.

    Thanks for the video -- just discovered the MacKenzies, who crack me up, but I have no idea of what the story is there.

  10. Deb- I haven't read either of those but hear that both are good.

    The MacKenzies were a skit from SCTV back in the 70's. They also made a movie called "Strange Brew" (about beer of course).


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